I am the Campaigns Director for Victoria’s leading environmental charity, Environment Victoria, working on climate, sustainability and nature campaigns.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree and a Masters of Public Policy and Management (climate change and economics focus) from the University of Melbourne. I am currently completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Management (Marketing) at the Melbourne Business School.

I am a campaigns, marketing and policy professional with strong experience across the union and non-profit sectors. I have delivered successful marketing and fundraising campaigns and in 2012 worked with the Obama for America campaign in Massachusetts. My experience is complemented by leadership roles in community and political organisations with a focus on climate change policy action.

I have been at the front line of world-class communications and marketing campaigns and have worked on highly successful political, industrial and fundraising campaigns. I have exceptional people-management skills, managing organising and marketing teams, and volunteers in number of roles.

I have excelled in tough environments of politics including in tactical units for Australian and American election campaigns. I am experienced in the design and influence of specific policies at State and Federal Government levels, and have first-hand experience with managing political & community campaigns.

For over a decade, I have brought innovative marketing communications techniques to the union and non-profit sector, effectively melding online campaign techniques with traditional approaches.

A published author, I have lectured at Victoria University on public relations and media management, and guest lectured at US institutions. I am a Climate Reality Project Presenter and was personally trained by the Hon. Al Gore in 2009. From 2008-12 I was National Secretary of LEAN. I am a board member of The Wilderness Society (Victoria) and Greenpeace Australia-Pacific.

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