The importance of 350

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Today marked the International Day of Climate Action, organised by

The Labor Environment Action Network is one of 14 environmental organisations in Australia supporting the activities that took place.

Thousands of Australians took part hundreds of local activities, the most visually spectacular of which was a rally on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

In Melbourne there was a large bike ride that started in Federation Square.

The point of the day is to put pressure on world governments to take real action on climate change. is calling on global targets that will bring the carbon dioxide levels to less than 350 parts per million (the concentration of CO2).

World governments are currently going into Copenhagen with a goal of 450ppm. This would result in a 50/50 chance of 2 degrees global warming, which would put us over climatic tipping points. The result: dangerous climate change.

The scientific evidence is increasingly saying that we need to get significantly below 350ppm.LEAN is calling for a global target of 325ppm or less.

Check out the 350 tweets here.

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3 responses to “The importance of 350”

  1. Bruno Avatar

    Discovered your blog from the connected sidebar. Thanks for updating us from Australie. I am not aware of anything special in London for the Climate Action Day.

  2. Ed Avatar

    Bruno, just to mention that your comment is also visible in the WWF sidebar (as this post is “connected”) 😉

  3. Alexander White Avatar

    Hi Bruno – thanks for the comment. London looks like it had an amazing event for Climate Action day:

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