Complaining about Jon Faine

I sent this complaint into the ABC today after hearing some outrageous commentary from Jon Faine. If you were unfortunate enough to tune in as well, I encourage you to also make a complaint. You can do so here.

I tuned into 774 to hear Jon Faine “interviewing” Dr Peter Singer. I understand that Jon has a pathological obsession with “balance” and playing the devil’s advocate. However, in the case of climate change, there is considerable misinformation and ill-informed commentary that Jon was uncritically repeating as though it were commonly accepted.

Jon Faine should be asked by ABC to inform himself thoroughly on a topic as serious as climate change, and be asked to not repeat denialist nonsense that has no basis in fact.

It is not “balance” to uncritically repeat conspiracy-laden denialist rhetoric. Balance in terms of the scientific debate would be to spend 9 mins out of 10 promoting pro-anthropogenic climate change views.

It is not Jon Faine’s role to repeat uncritically the political views of the leader of the opposition, who until recently was in a minority-position in his own party.

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