New Liberal website takes leaf from Tory tree

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The Liberal Party in Australia has launched its new website, on the heels of Labor’s new “Labor Connect” site.

I’ve written before about how previous Liberal leaders have mimicked a lot of the style of UK Tory leader David Cameron (Turnbull especially), but I haven’t commented on how much of the presentation of the Liberals – design wise – likewise copies the Tories. The Tories have been at the cutting edge of Westminster political innovation – importing much of the new US campaigning techniques (such as their MyConservatives website).

A case in point is the new Liberal website. The new website, as you can see from the screen shot below, takes a leaf from the Tory design book (see the Tory website here – which has changed recently, but see the screen shot here). Lots of blue sky in the background, and the colour scheme is a nice blue/green.

Getting the new technology, and using it properly has been a major trouble spot for conservative political groups. The Republicans for example are notorious for under using social media and their web presence during the 2008 election. Similarly the Liberals during the 2007 election were humorously woeful.

Now it seems that the Tories have been exporting some of their high-priced new media gurus to Australia, to show the Libs how to do it.

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