Touch screens, HTC and union busting

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I have recently ordered a HTC Desire (the latest touch screen Android smart phone), so was disappointed to learn that HTC is one of a number of companies engaged in anti-union behaviour.

Via LabourStart:

Workers at Young Fast Optoelectronics (YFO) in Taiwan urgently request your support for their struggle to defend their union and basic labour rights against the company’s union-busting actions and the Taiwanese government’s negligence of the law. YFO is one of the major manufacturers for touch panel screens in the world; its buyers include: Samsung, LG, HTC and Google. Although making tremendous profits, the working conditions in YFO’s Taoyuan Plant are worse than most people expected. The unacceptable conditions include child labour, excessive and forced overtime working, deduction of overtime wages, and poor health and safety conditions. YFO has been sabotaging the union YFOTU since its establishment in December 2009. It dismissed five union officers and more than ten active union members in March 2010, under the pretense that their production line will be moved to China. Trade unionists in Taiwan believe that this is a deliberate union-busting action and gross violation of the Labor Union Law. (My emphasis)

This is a real outrage, and I encourage all visitors to this blog to support the workers at YFO.

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