Campaign Monitor has a world-class blog and e-newsletter

I just got a copy of the latest Campaign Monitor e-newsletter and was so impressed that I thought I’d comment on it, and some of the items that I think are worth checking out.

Campaign Monitor are an email service provider – that is, they let you manage email campaigns to subscribers and provide analytics. I should point out that I don’t use their service (I use MailChimp instead), and no, there’s no affiliate program or payment for this post – I just think they’re awesome.

Building your email list – Panic

Panic have done a great job building a subscribe form into the first run experience of all their software. Here’s the screen you see when loading Transmit 4 for the first time. They’ve even gone to the trouble of pre-populating the email field for you (not shown in the screenshot), removing as much friction as possible from the process. My only suggestion here would be to leave the subscribe field unchecked to guarantee every customer gives explicit permission and doesn’t just jump to the “Let’s Go!” button.

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Using print media to market your online services

We commonly get asked to provide examples of reseller collateral such as executive summaries and slide decks. The great news is that these aren’t that far off, however in the meantime, we’d like to share Mailbox Design’s brochure as inspiration for your own marketing campaigns. Not only does it provide a concise summary of what a rebranded Campaign Monitor account has to offer, but also provides some very compelling reasons why email totally blows other sales and marketing channels out of the water. In short, the kind of stuff your new clients really want to see. Take a look at their brochure(400kb, PDF)

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Supercharge your email list with Flowtown

I stumbled across Flowtown a few weeks ago and couldn’t really understand why anyone would use it. Campaign Monitor shows just how useful it can be – and I hope there is integration with MailChimp.

Using Flowtown integration with Campaign Monitor, we can now turn our humble subscriber lists into rich social media profiles, based on information spread across services like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. What’s better, Flowtown automatically populates your Campaign Monitor subscriber list with custom fields including geographic location, gender and even age range, so you can segment your campaigns in unprecedented ways. Here’s a short screencast that wraps it up nicely.

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2 responses to “Campaign Monitor has a world-class blog and e-newsletter”

  1. Ros Hodgekiss Avatar

    Hi Alex, thank you for the post! And from a fellow Australian, too. We have a neat time each month pulling together the content, so it's doubly rewarding when we get such positive feedback. Anyway, drop us a line anytime – we're happy to talk geeky, regardless of whether you're a customer of ours nudge nudge 😉

    1. alexjpwhite Avatar

      Hi Ros,

      Thanks for the comment. I definitely enjoy my Campaign Monitor newsletters, and regularly check the blog (every week or two). Am considering if there's any way I can incorporate using CM in future, especially the custom rebranding capabilities (which look very impressive).


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