Crikey runs with misleading coal-lobby ads

NewGenCoal is a slick marketing campaign by the coal lobby to try to convince politicians and Australians that the fossil fuel industry is serious about climate change. Unfortunately, the reverse is true, and the coal lobby has done everything in its power to stall comprehensive action on climate change.

Screen caputre of today's issue of Crikey (25.05.10)

Crikey has often lambasted the Australian Government (and the ALP), and many media outlets (such as The Australian) for not taking climate change seriously. They have criticised Rudd for postponing the introduction of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme due to a hostile senate. They have pointed out the anti-action campaign run by News Ltd and The Australian, and the exceptional media coverage given to climate denialists Monckton and Plimer.

But it seems that despite their editorial line to attack “lack of action” on climate change, and media bias, Crikey is still willing to take money from the coal lobby.

NewGenCoal is promoting carbon capture and storage (CCS). The fossil fuel industry is promoting CCS as the solution to carbon pollution from coal fired power stations (currently responsible for half of Australia’s carbon pollution emissions).

While carbon capture and storage will eventually be an important part of climate change mitigation, the reality is that the coal lobby is using it today as an excuse for no action. Furthermore, it is being proposed as an alternative investment to genuine renewable energy technology.

For anyone interested in a good starting point on information on clean coal, check out This Is Reality, and these videos they’ve produced about green washing.

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