The refugee debate dilemma: you can’t be “too tough”

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The big public relations dilemma faced by progressive asylum seeker activists is that the overwhelming view from Australians is negative.

A case in point is today’s Essential Media report, which asked about the Government’s approach to asylum seekers.

The most alarming figures is the high number of people who think that the Government is being “too soft”. The low number of people who think it is “too tough” is also concerning.


Possum Pollytics over at Crikey looks at the Nielsen poll, finding that there is high levels of approval on “getting tough” on asylum seekers.

With 63% approving of the policy change (or rather, approving of the notion of “getting tough” that was inherent in the question asked), Labor must be thinking “job well done” about now.

2 responses to “The refugee debate dilemma: you can’t be “too tough””

  1. DRWHO Avatar

    I hang my head in shame – I thought that in 2007 we excised this putrid cancer from Australia when we deposed King Rattus. I thought I could now be proud of Australia once again under Rudd.. but that soon proved to be a false dawn, and now Julia has plunged us back into the stygian darkness, wrestling in the cesspit with Abbott for possession of the rancid piece of rotting vegetation that is the Australian public.

  2. fehowarth Avatar

    Abbott wants to go back to the past. He wants to reopen Mr. Howard's camp on an island that has an unstable government. He wants to return boats back to a country that has clearly shown they will not accept. Temporary visas only encourage woman and children to join the boats. Ms. Gillard has accepted that the problem has worsened in the last couple of years. Her policy of working with our neighbours and setting up UNHCR assessment centre in the region might be more productive and humane. This assessment needs to be in a country that is a signature to the UNHCR, which Nauru is not. The final solution is to remove the reasons these people are leaving their countries. Ms. Gillard’s government is already working on this issue.

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