Election Diary, Day 1

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When I got up this morning, instead of cartoons on Channel Nine, there was live coverage of Julia Gillard’s trip to the Governor General’s resident at Yarralumla.

The election was being called. All this week, I’ve heard “insiders” say it would be called today, so I’m sure they’ll be gratified that they’ve been proven right.

This is the first entry of my election diary. It will be an occasional post about the election, commentary, or update on what what I’m doing

The first thing I’m commenting on is the new Tony Abbott Revealed site I’ve set up. It’s really an experiment to see how many people (if any) I can interest and engage, using the various social media tools that I’ve picked up and written about.

A particular feature is the wiki – an easily editable section of the website that anyone can change and update.

With the Twitter-sphere going wild this morning, and things only looking like they’ll heat up over the next four to five weeks, this should be an interesting experiment indeed.


Hmmm… my comment didn’t get published yesterday on The Punch.

Thanks to everyone who’s replied to my comment.

Given that I’ve written about my involvement with TonyAbbottRevealed.org.au on my blog:  I hardly think it’s a secret.

The union I work for is not affiliated to any political party, and certainly is not affiliated to the ALP. The site is not paid for by any political party, but from my own pocket.

All the site does it put Tony Abbott’s own words on the internet. Visitors such as your good selves are free to make up your own mind.

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