Eight union websites worth checking out (2010)

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Five union websites worth checking out in 2020

I often get asked about union websites – and what makes a good website. There’s loads of general advice out there about how to get a fantastically designed website, and what goes into making them usable and interactive. Check out Smashing Magazine as a good place to start for general advice. 

What I thought would be interesting and useful would be to track down some good union websites and highlight some of their best features.

The websites below aren’t the absolute word on “best” union websites, and by no means are any of them perfect. I’ve tried to find sites in Australia and internationally (and US sites feature prominently).

1. NUW


What’s good:

  • Very clear calls to action – Join, Get Active, Get Help
  • Members are front and centre
  • Option to sign up to the e-news letter



What’s good:

  • Major news and campaign items are clearly highlighted.
  • Lots of options for taking action and engaging with the site.
  • Multimedia/featured video (YouTube) on home page.

3. Warehouse Workers United


What’s good:

  • You can join the campaign from the front page
  • There’s a Spanish version of the website.
  • Very clear and simple layout with lots of “white space” (i.e. not cluttered)

4. Walmart Workers for Change

[box border=”full”]UPDATE: This website has substantially changed since I originally posted this article.[/box]


What’s good:

  • Clear call to action – “Watch Video” – with other options to get involved.
  • Email update signup and Spanish version of the site
  • Campaign news is prominent



What’s good:

  • Major union campaigns are easily accessible from front page
  • Clean design and consistent colour palette
  • Links to Facebook, Spanish site and e-newsletter on home page

6. MUA


What’s good:

  • News and campaigns are separate
  • A clear “About” secion is on the front page
  • Slider puts most important content at the centre of the page without drowning out the other parts of the site

7. Blue Green Alliance


What’s good:

  • Great colour combo that ties thematically with the purpose of the site
  • Mission statement is made clear
  • Calls to action are most prominent part of home page.

8. United Steel Workers


What’s good:

  • Slider shows a thumbnail of the content, as well as makes important content prominent
  • Media and blog are separate, both include RSS
  • E-news signup form on home page

What do you think?

Have I missed some really good sites from other countries? Is your union’s site well designed or cutting edge?

2 responses to “Eight union websites worth checking out (2010)”

  1. johnnyinlabour Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this information Alex. As a advocate for union presence on the web, we clearly have alot of discussion about how we use the technology and advancing our goals to increase union density worldwide.

    1. Alexander White Avatar

      Happy to share. There is a lot we could all be doing at unions to improve our online efforts, as these websites show.


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