Great news for Tony Abbott: endorsement from Frederick Toben

In more great news for Tony Abbott, the Opposition Leader was recently photographed with notorious Holocaust denier Frederick Toben.

Tony Abbott has distanced himself from a renowned Holocaust denier after being photographed with him at a public meeting about the building of an immigration detention centre.

Fredrick Toben, who has been jailed in Australia and Germany for publishing anti-Semitic material and for declaring there were no mass killings of Jews during World War II, has claimed he and the Opposition Leader were close and “went back a long time”.

Dr Toben was pictured standing with Mr Abbott during a community forum in the Adelaide Hills on Wednesday to discuss the building of a detention centre to hold asylum seeker family groups.

Frederick Toben denies that the Holocaust happened. (Img via @ABCNews)

The most ironic thing about this story is that Toben praises Tony Abbott as a man who “has no fear of this guilt by association principal”. Tonben further says that Abbott isn’t crippled by “Zionist guilt”, unlike other politicians who normally run a million miles at the sight of Toben. Mr Abbott is clearly a man of principle.

Oh, no. Wait. Abbott also ran a million miles away.

Mr Abbott was quick to deny any association with the South Australian, explaining the only dealings he had ever had with Dr Tobin had been when he was a reporter for The Bulletin Magazine during the 1980s.

This is of course great news for Tony Abbott, who categorically stated: “There is no personal relationship.”

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