The Zero Moment of Truth for unions

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Have you heard of the Zero Moment of Truth?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the First Moment of Truth (and the follow up, Second Moment of Truth)?

The Zero Moment of Truth is a marketing concept coined by Google, as an evolution of the “First Moment of Truth” which occurs “at the store when a shopper selects a product and the “Second Moment of Truth” occurs at home when the shopper experiences that product.”

Zero Moment of Truth, image from GooglePolitics

Google argues that there is now a Zero Moment — “the decision-point after a stimulus leads a consumer to seek more information but before he arrives at the store — or in politics, before a voter solidifies his choice”.

For unions, the ZMOT is an increasing reality.

A study conducted by Google and market research firm Shoppers Sciences this spring found that the number of sources used by a person for the average purchase has doubled, from 5.2 to 10.4, and shoppers use each source almost twice as heavily as in the past. In politics, the Internet provides voters with vastly more resources to follow campaign developments and view candidate speeches, debates, interviews, and political analysis than ever before.

Whether members or potential members, working people turn to the Internet when they face a challenge or problem at work (the stimulus).

Can they easily find your union’s website? Is it easy for them to find the information they are looking for? Is there a clear call to action for them to connect with your union?

The answers to this question may have a powerful effect on the next step a potential member takes — or even an existing member — and whether they make contact with their union.

Unions could consider Google’s advice for political campaigns:

How are political campaigns winning the Zero Moment of Truth? By answering the questions voters are asking. They are defining themselves with ads alongside relevant Internet search results, asking supporters to share on social networking sites, and placing display ads next to relevant online news articles and blog posts. Campaigns that excel at winning the Zero Moment of Truth jump in and move quickly — optimizing, targeting, and measuring the return on their online advertising investment faster than with any other type of paid media.

Take the time to read Google’s e-book on the Zero Moment of Truth. Then download my e-book for Online Campaigning for Unions.

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