Alex White is a national marketing advisor working in the labour movement with a decade of policy, campaigns and public relations experience. His background is complemented by professional and leadership roles in the trade union movement, charities, environmental and political organisations.

Canberra smoke 2020

Workers must not pay the cost of climate-fuelled bushfire disasters

This article was originally published in The Canberra Times. The bush fire crisis exposes the failures of the Federal government and industry to prepare for the catastrophic impacts of global warming. And it also demonstrates that well-intentioned governments like the ACT Government, which last-year acknowledged the climate emergency, must do far more to protect workers …

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map of Europe with boardgame figures


Effective campaign and political communications is not about unity. It’s about division. This is something Tony Abbott knew very well. It’s something that Scott Morrison knows very well. Choosing your dividing lines, your battlelines, is the art of winning. The military has a lot to say about picking battle-lines — whole books of strategy. (As …

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Member retention is a long road

Member recruitment or retention: what’s more important?

Without recruiting members, you don’t have a union. Without retaining existing members, you don’t have a union for very long. Here’s the challenge: signing up new members is easier to understand and to act upon. It’s easy for the union leadership (and in fact, anyone) to see the direct link between organisers visiting a workplace, …

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Dalfram Dispute 1938

Dalfram Dispute (Manning Clark House)

The following are speaking notes for my speech at the Manning Clark House showing of the documentary “Dalfram Dispute 1938: Pig Iron Bob” (directed by Sandra Pires and the Why Documentaries Team in 2015). Thank you for the invitation today. Firstly, let me acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we meet, and …

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