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  • Featured on Wootheme's Showcase

    Very happy today to discover that Sub Rosa Magazine has been showcased at Woothemes. I’m an enormous fan of Woothemes, and as I’ve said elsewhere, I not only think their theme designs are great, but their support service is awesome and as is the easy theme upgrades. I had a great time customising the Wootheme… Read more

  • Some useful Google tools

    Via Crikey blog The Content Makers, and MEAA, comes some nifty search and news aggregation tips from Google. While intended for journalists (and called “Google School”), the site also has tools and tips for union officials that need to monitor the news. I especially recommend setting up a customised Google News page, and checking out… Read more

  • Upgrades and support is important for online businesses

    Recently I tried to upgrade a website I maintain for my day job. This website is run on WordPress, and for the past 8 months or so, was using a StudioPress theme. When I went to upgrade the site, having shelled out over AU$80 for the new updated theme, I found that there was no… Read more

  • A few changes

    Any regular visitor of my blog would recognise that there’s been another change. I anticipate that this will be the last for a while (although I thought that about the last change). Although the appearance of this site has altered, it still uses WooThemes as its base – basically as I become more proficient in… Read more

  • Interesting use of Twitter in elections

    Via Joe Trippi, the site Tech President reports that the New York City Democratic Primary made heavy and (in some cases) innovative uses of Twitter. Joe asked in his tweet whether Twitter will be used to predict the outcomes of elections and primaries. For example, the initial winner of the NYC primary, Bill DiBlasio, had… Read more

  • The art of writing better union emails

    The art of writing better union emails

    Most unions regularly use emails to communicate with members. This can be responding to emails sent by members, or as email bulletins and newsletters. Many unions do not, however, follow some of the basic email etiquette rules, and often make simple mistakes. Writing effective emails, whether it is a reply to a concerned member, or… Read more