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  • We need to Save the VCA

    The University of Melbourne’s corporate PR department has gone into over drive recently, after their proposed changes to the Victorian College of the Arts blew up in their faces. Their latest tactic, after locking down media appearances by gaff-a-tron Sharman Pretty (VCA Dean), has been to misdirect and confuse. For example, rather than addressing the… Read more

  • LabourStart Photo Competition

    For all you inspired unionists out there, I strongly encourage you to enter the LabourStart Photo Competition. It’s a great initiative, and there are already some really good photos that have been submitted. This year I entered the photo you see here. It’s a picture I took in December 2008 of a protest out the… Read more

  • Was Work Choices a Roadblock to Productivity?

    A critical assessment of the Work Choices laws in addressing its stated aims and objectives The 2005 legislation, Workplace Relations Amendment (Work Choices) Act represented one of the most fundamental shifts in industrial relations laws and Commonwealth-State relations since Federation. With the principle aim of Work Choices to “unleash a new burst of productivity growth”,… Read more

  • Three more Twitter tips for trade unions

    As Twitter has grown larger and faster, more and more unions are starting Twitter accounts. On the one hand, this is a good sign. Unions should exploit social media and tools such as Twitter. On the other hand, many unions are not following the basic rules of social media, or are not following Twitter etiquette.… Read more

  • Why the Save VCA campaign is a great case study

    The Save VCA campaign a few moments ago reached 10,000 Facebook fans. In less than a fortnight, over 5,000 people have signed the paper Save VCA petition. Over 1,000 people attended a rally with Geoffrey Rush as a speaker, after a week of flashmobs and other semi-spontaneous artistic performances. Earlier this week, the Save VCA… Read more

  • A creative manifesto

    Every good cause has a manifesto these days. Here’s the Creative Unions manifesto – the new social venture started by Atosha and myself to promote powerful union design and communications. Check it out. Let us know what you think. Send us a tweet @creativeunions or visit our Creative Unions Facebook page. Read more