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  • Online social activism and Twitter

    A large part of my job is online communications: blogs, social networking, and new fads like Twitter. A big challenge is how to use these tools in a meaningful way to support the campaigning and organising activities of the union. How can we engage our members and supporters using the social networking tools they are… Read more

  • Labor must assert its economic credentials

    The recent spate of reporting of polls demonstrates that Labor must continue to assert its strong nation building narrative and economic credentials. Labor and Kevin Rudd correctly judged the public’s mood by decrying the excesses of extreme capitalism and neoliberalism, and forging a renewed social-democratic path. Despite the baying of the press gallery and conservative… Read more

  • We need to get to less than 350ppm

    A short video from, illustrating why we need urgent action on climate change. Because the world needs to know from on Vimeo. Read more

  • "Activism 2.0" business models in Australia

    The green and tech blogs have been reporting of late the rise of a new sustainable online business called “Virgance“. They’ve made a bit of splash after acquiring “GO Media“. Virgance, a San Fransisco based company claims to be a company that seeks to promote world-changing activism campaigns using market-based methods that are effective, transparent,… Read more

  • Republicans struggling, near bottom

    I have previously written that the US Republicans are cannibalising themselves, that they are struggling to find a leader, and that they have no clear strategy for combating Obama and the Democrat machine. Now, with the Democrats hammering the Republicans over Rush Limbaugh, some Republican representatives are acknowledging that they nearly as low as they… Read more

  • QLD Liberal National Party plagiarise

    Unfortunately, the main stream media, and even large blogs following the Queensland Election have not covered this scandal. The LNP – the merged Liberal and National Parties in Queensland – have been caught out in a revolting deception and plagiarism case. As you can see, the LNP has copied wholesale the ACTU’s Your Rights At… Read more