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  • Willful ignorance or straw man

    Alex Robson from Concept Economics has not bothered to read the Australia Institute paper into the CPRS emissions floor (pdf link). Amazingly, his uninformed and un-researched tirade against environmentalists was published in The Australian today. Mr Robson writes: Clearly, if the number of permits in circulation could never fall, then the Australia Institute view would… Read more

  • Sharan Burrow on the Global Financial Crisis

    Sharan Burrow is the president of the ACTU, and recently talked at a forum at Trades Hall with Senator Kim Carr on the global financial crisis. This video shows her talking about the GFC at the International Trade Union Confederation. Views: Sharan Burrow, ITUC President (ACTU Australia) from ITUC on Vimeo. Read more

  • Joe Trippi on Online Campaigning

    Joe Trippi is widely regarded as the “inventor of online campaigning”. As campaign manager for Howard Dean, and author of “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised“, he is visiting Australia and was at Melbourne University tonight. His talk, about the importance of social networks and interactive campaignings, especially during US Presidential elections, focused on the… Read more

  • Doug Cameron on Parliamentary Lobbying

    An insightful video of Senator Doug Cameron on lobbying Parliament in Australia. Doug gave this talk at a forum organised by the NTEU Victorian Division at the end of February. He kindly agreed to talk to a camera afterwards. Read more

  • We need strong action on emissions trading

    The Garnaut report released earlier this year made the case for a robust emissions trading scheme. If Australia is to combat climate change, Federal Labor needs to take immediate action to reduce the amount of carbon put into the atmosphere. As activists, we have a duty to lobby senior Ministers in parliament to do everything… Read more

  • Guerrilla marketing at work

    Database entrepreneur Robert Moore has uncovered a vast guerrilla marketing campaign being waged across the US, and potentially at a global level. Across America, yard signs advertising localised online singles and dating services point towards an enormous data collection effort. The signs point towards dating sites with a domain-name linked to that town, suburb or… Read more