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  • Why unions should embrace social media

    The new social media is a very powerful thing. It allows unions to have intimate, personal conversations with hundreds, if not thousands of members, potential members and supporters. No longer are unions reliant on the old forms of media (news papers, television, radio), or on face-to-face conversations between organisers and workers. Social media allows for… Read more

  • Clean Energy Jobs and Climate Dinosaurs

    Great video from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), as a part of the new ACTU Southern Cross Climate Coalition campaign, Clean Energy Jobs. Read more

  • Six effective print communications tips for union campaigns

    Unions have little hesitation in spending thousands of dollars, in some cases tens of thousands of dollars, on printed communications – leaflets, posters, newsletters, fact-sheets, stickers and so on. At the start of a campaign, the first thing many union officials think is: “we need an A4 leaflet and a poster for this campaign”. Unfortunately,… Read more

  • Get involved in politics to make a change

    Following from my recent criticisms of those who sit on the sidelines and complain, rather than joining in and getting their hands dirty, I’ve tracked down the Maribyrnong Leader article I featured in: A FOOTSCRAY man is determined to shift people’s perceptions on climate change. Alex White says his commitment to the issue has been… Read more

  • Letter in Crikey

    My letter in Crikey today Regarding “Make the World Pay“: I’ve noticed it is fashionable for Crikey to publish CPRS-bashing articles from the Greens Party and others (e.g. Bernard Keane). There is no doubt that the CPRS is less than many people hoped it would be — especially the excessive industry assistance. The simple fact… Read more

  • Labor won’t go to a double dissolution election

    There is a lot of talk all over the place about Rudd going to an early double-dissolution election. Many otherwise well informed people I’ve met (engineers, accountants, academics, and so on) believe that a double-dissolution is both likely, easy and in Labor’s favour – even Larvatus Prodeo goes on about it. Antony Green has categorical… Read more