Introduction to Digital Campaigning for Unions

Photo of two copies of Introduction to Digital Campaigning for Unions

Everything your union needs to get a winning digital campaign started

This introduction has been updated for 2022 and is a resource for small to medium sized online union campaigns, run by one or two people who may not be experts in online campaigning.

This guide may also be read by a union leader who wants to get an overview of digital campaigning and contemporary best practice, but who will not necessarily be running the campaign.

The 2022 edition has been published by the Australian Trade Union Institute (ATUI).

2020 Version

What’s inside?

Online campaigning principles

  • Taking online support to the real world
  • Developing your strategy

Digital campaign technology

  • How to select your campaign tools
  • Social media best-practices

Campaign optimisation

  • Getting started with A/B testing
  • Setting up your analytics

Email campaigning

  • Selecting your email service provider
  • Campaign marketing automation

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