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Defining your union’s promise and standing for something

If the conversations that I’m having at the moment are any judge, many unions and progressive organisations are looking closely at their communications and narrative. In countries or states with hostile conservative governments, like Australia or Canada, this is especially pressing. The key to nailing your narrative and developing a strategic communications plan is simple: […]

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How to get members to talk about your union on social media

One of the regular¬†questions I¬†receive from unions is “how can I get members (or activists) to share our message on Facebook?” or “what will get members talking about the union on Facebook?” Sound familiar? Union organisers instinctively know that a positive “union experience” can be a powerful trigger to encourage word of mouth recommendations from […]

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Turn your union members into advocates

Every union organiser knows that the best person to recruit a new member isn’t the organiser but another member, a colleague. The most active, passionate members, who proudly encourage their work mates to join the union, often end up as delegates or shop-stewards. This word-of-mouth is not only the most effective way to encourage people […]

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