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It’s time to move to genuine carbon emissions trading

My latest article for The Guardian is now online and you can read it here. I have republished it below. [hr] Over the weekend, there has been widespread reporting that returned prime minister Kevin Rudd is contemplating moving the carbon price from a fixed price to floating price for emissions permits. The Age reported that …

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Australia’s unpopular carbon tax?

Below I have published my latest article from my new Guardian UK column, Southern Crossroads. You can read the article over at The Guardian. [hr] Since the disappointment of Copenhagen in 2009, Australia has witnessed a concerted scare campaign against action on global warming. The scare campaign has been led by senior commentators in (Murdoch owned) News …

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Media blackout on heatwave climate change link

With Australia experiencing one of its longest, hottest heatwaves in history, you’d have thought there would be a resurgence in stories in the mainstream media about climate change and global warming. Alas, no. A cursory Google News check reveals only one story linking climate change and the heatwaves (the same story, repeated in the ABC, …

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Baillieu’s carbon betrayal

Ted Baillieu promised at the 2010 Victorian election that he would keep the legislated target of 20% reduction of carbon emissions by 2020 (on 2000 levels) — in fact, the Liberal Party supported this legislation when it came to parliament. Yesterday, Environment Minister Ryan Smith announced that the Victorian government would dump the target. With Victoria …

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