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Using evidence-based science for effective communications

Many people in unions and progressive politics talk about “framing” — made famous by George Lakoff’s Don’t Think of an Elephant — but it’s difficult to see what that means in practice. Effective communication is made even more challenging by the broad left’s obsession with “rationality” and fact-based arguments. I’ve previously written that progressives should give […]

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Science alone won’t change climate opinions, but it matters

I’ve often highlighted useful articles about cognitive and behavioural insights that I believe are useful for unions and progressive campaigners. This time, I’ve decided to republish an entire article by Ben Newell from The Conversation, because I want to draw it to the attention of my readers. It ties strongly to my earlier article, asking […]

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Seven behavioral biases progressive campaigns should know about

Every decision we make is influenced by countless different external factors. But some of the most powerful influences on our decisions, attitudes and behaviours are internal. These influences can be major roadblocks for progressive organisations and causes, especially unions, as they can affect our judgements and actions in subtle and not so subtle ways. It’s important […]

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