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Best practice digital optimisation from Greenpeace and Optimizely

Conversion is the most important digital metric your union should be focusing on. It simply means the proportion of visitors to a page on your website who take a specific action, such as giving you their email address, register to volunteer, signing a petition, joining the union, donating to a strike fund or similar. Optimisation […]

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Diversity and the environment movement

There’s an interesting article over at Politico about the challenge of diversity in the environment movement: The green movement dreams of pushing major bills through Congress on the scale of President Barack Obama’s health care reform law and the immigration overhaul expected to begin next year. But those issues enjoy something the green movement does […]

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A campaign case study: Unfriend Coal

Over at the Climate Access blog, David Minkow showcases the 2011 Greenpeace campaign to pressure Facebook to adopt clean energy to power its massive servers. This campaign took place over 20 months and was successful in getting the social media giant to buy more renewable energy. Minkow’s article starts with “It’s all—or at least a […]

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