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Should your union measure a Net Promoter Score?

Your union’s motivated and committed supporters — your activists, delegates and workplace leaders — are amongst your most important members. Most union leaders and organisers know anecdotally who these committed supporters are, but does your union have a systematic way to measure the levels of commitment and motivation amongst your members? I’ve written previously about […]

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Are Facebook likes a vanity metric?

If you think pageviews, unique visitors, registered members, conversion rates, email-newsletter open rates, number of Twitter followers, or Facebook likes are important by themselves, you’re wrong. Vanity metrics are ones that look good, but fail the “so what?” test. For unions, it is important to invest resources and effort into meaningful and impactful directions. There […]

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Four member metrics every union should know about

Most unions in Australia have adopted a growth agenda — with a strong focus on joining new members to the union. This typically involves teams of organisers who specialise in signing up workers to the union. By all accounts, this tactic has paid off handsomely in the raw number of new members joining unions. The […]

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