Think big. Break through.

To win for working people, the union movement needs to break through the barriers that hold us back.

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Effective campaign and political communications is not about unity. It’s about division. This is something Tony Abbott knew very well. It’s something that Scott Morrison …

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Alex is a unionist, climate activist and campaigner. 

With a career spanning over a decade in the union and climate movements, Alex has led and won numerous campaigns. He is regarded as a leading strategist and thinker in the union movement. From 2014-2020, he led UnionsACT, the peak union council for the Canberra region.

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The strategic urgency of building Workers Data Trusts

Over the past few months, I’ve briefly mentioned the concept of Workers Data Trusts, and in this article I want to expand on it a bit more and explain why I believe the union movement …


Campaigning & organising in the time of coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything, and campaigning & organising is no different. Every union is rapidly working on new tools and techniques to adapt to the public health restrictions caused by coronavirus. In this …


Resisting the Shock Doctrine in the age of Coronavirus

As Australia (and the world) grapples with the coronavirus crisis, we are already seeing that the Liberal Government and business lobby are trying to exploit the crisis to further push through extreme neoliberal policies. The …

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Introduction to Online Campaigning for Unions

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Campaigner, strategist, author

Alex has spent his entire career working in the union and climate movements to build a better future for all. He is a committed unionist and activist, and has written on how progressive movements can win.


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