Hope is the lifeblood of the union movement it fuels our will and sustains our solidarity


Five essential elements of strategy for unions to win

Unions around the world face very harsh organising and industrial environments in which to grow, thrive and stand up for the interests of their members. …

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about Alex

Alex is a unionist, climate activist and campaigner. He has served as the Secretary of UnionsACT since 2014.

With a career spanning over a decade in the union and climate movements, Alex has led and won numerous campaigns. He is regarded as a leading strategist and thinker in the union movement.

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Dalfram Dispute 1938

Dalfram Dispute (Manning Clark House)

The following are speaking notes for my speech at the Manning Clark House showing of the documentary “Dalfram Dispute 1938: Pig Iron Bob” (directed by Sandra Pires and the Why Documentaries Team in 2015). === …


Future of Work (ALERA Conference)

The following are the speaking notes for a speech given at the Australian Labour and Employment Relations Association conference in Canberra in March 2018. === Thank you for the invitation today. Firstly, let me acknowledge the traditional …


The dirty secret of opponents of penalty rates

With thanks to Rob Corr Recently, there has been a rush of business lobby groups from the retail and hospitality sectors talking about the terrible evils of weekend penalty rates. Not, let’s be clear, the …

Alex's STORY

Campaigner, strategist, author

Alex has spent his entire career working in the union and climate movements to build a better future for all. He is a committed unionist and activist, and has written on how progressive movements can win.


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