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The strategic urgency of building Workers Data Trusts

Over the past few months, I’ve briefly mentioned the concept of Workers Data Trusts, and in this article I want to expand on it a bit more and explain why I believe the union movement must urgently grapple with this concept. What are Data Trusts? …

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Campaigning & organising in the time of coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything, and campaigning & organising is no different. Every union is rapidly working on new tools and techniques to adapt to the public health restrictions caused by coronavirus. In this newsletter, I’m going through some headline “best practice” for your …

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Resisting the Shock Doctrine in the age of Coronavirus

As Australia (and the world) grapples with the coronavirus crisis, we are already seeing that the Liberal Government and business lobby are trying to exploit the crisis to further push through extreme neoliberal policies. The brutal tactic of “Shock Doctrine”, the exploitation of choas, public …

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union websites responsive mobile

Five union websites worth getting inspired by in 2020

There’s always a union somewhere that’s redeveloping its website, or creating a campaign-specific website, and it’s been a long time since I last pulled together a list of well-designed union sites. It’s fair to say that since 2013, union design standards have significantly improved, driven …

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hands with a green plant shoot

Should unions fundraise?

In this issue, I want to address the question β€œShould unions fundraise?” This is a question that occasionally gets debated, and for many (most?) union leaders, the answer is β€œno”. The reasons vary, but mostly come back to the notion that it’s not right for …

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Canberra smoke 2020

Workers must not pay the cost of climate-fuelled bushfire disasters

This article was originally published in The Canberra Times. The bush fire crisis exposes the failures of the Federal government and industry to prepare for the catastrophic impacts of global warming. And it also demonstrates that well-intentioned governments like the ACT Government, which last-year acknowledged …

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map of Europe with boardgame figures


Effective campaign and political communications is not about unity. It’s about division. This is something Tony Abbott knew very well. It’s something that Scott Morrison knows very well. Choosing your dividing lines, your battlelines, is the art of winning. The military has a lot to …

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Member retention is a long road

Member recruitment or retention: what’s more important?

Without recruiting members, you don’t have a union. Without retaining existing members, you don’t have a union for very long. Here’s the challenge: signing up new members is easier to understand and to act upon. It’s easy for the union leadership (and in fact, anyone) …

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Dalfram Dispute 1938

Dalfram Dispute (Manning Clark House)

This blog post is 1 year old. Please, when reading this, be mindful of its age.The following are speaking notes for my speech at the Manning Clark House showing of the documentary “Dalfram Dispute 1938: Pig Iron Bob” (directed by Sandra Pires and the Why …

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Selection of Trump Facebook ads

Just how big a deal is Facebook advertising?

This blog post is 1 year old. Please, when reading this, be mindful of its age.Are you on Facebook? If you are, you’re one of 15 million Facebook users in Australia out of approx. 25 million. Do you log in at least once a day? …

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Future of Work (ALERA Conference)

This blog post is 3 years old. Please, when reading this, be mindful of its age.The following are the speaking notes for a speech given at the Australian Labour and Employment Relations Association conference in Canberra in March 2018. Thank you for the invitation today. Firstly, let …

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Advance Australia Where?

This blog post is 4 years old. Please, when reading this, be mindful of its age.These are the speaking notes of a speech given to Manning Clark House in September 2016. Thank you for the invitation today. Firstly, let me acknowledge the traditional custodians of …

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