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Myths and misperceptions about marketing for unions

Marketing is still widely disparaged as a term in the union movement, and progressive organisations generally. Partly this is a skepticism born from shows like Mad Men and The Pitch, and partly it is a misunderstanding drawn from the popular perception that marketing is just opinion polling, focus groups and TV advertising. Despite this, every […]

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How to get members to talk about your union on social media

One of the regular¬†questions I¬†receive from unions is “how can I get members (or activists) to share our message on Facebook?” or “what will get members talking about the union on Facebook?” Sound familiar? Union organisers instinctively know that a positive “union experience” can be a powerful trigger to encourage word of mouth recommendations from […]

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Five reasons your union should use Facebook Ads Power Editor

More and more unions are using Facebook to advertise, but chances are if you’re boosting your posts or advertising on newsfeeds, you’re using the standard “Self Serve” Facebook ad manager. This is potentially a big mistake, and you could be wasting time and money. I’ve long argued that social media and Facebook in particular is […]

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