Guerrilla marketing at work

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Database entrepreneur Robert Moore has uncovered a vast guerrilla marketing campaign being waged across the US, and potentially at a global level.

Across America, yard signs advertising localised online singles and dating services point towards an enormous data collection effort. The signs point towards dating sites with a domain-name linked to that town, suburb or locality (e.g. [name]

The website is little more than a front for a national data collector; with 1000s of sites registered, each site asks the same questions and collects the same data. The dating company or companies (or contractors) are then responsible for placing yard signs across America.

This campaign, which has been going on for at least two years, potentially nets $1,000,000s, and is hidden behind a veil of secrecy, with obscured domain name registration.

One response to “Guerrilla marketing at work”

  1. Tim Williams Avatar

    Looks like already solved this mystery about year ago. (Nov-28-07 09:26 PM) I found this information on my third web search.

    They found: Terry Fitzpatrick Right One 200 Cordwainer Suite 102 Norwell,Ma

    They tied the companies together and have been pursuing law enforcement measures since then.