Online social activism and Twitter

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A large part of my job is online communications: blogs, social networking, and new fads like Twitter.

A big challenge is how to use these tools in a meaningful way to support the campaigning and organising activities of the union. How can we engage our members and supporters using the social networking tools they are comfortable with?

A new service, called Twitition (Twitter + Petition) may aid in this.

Twitition allows Twitter users to create and sign short petitions. These petitions can be easily re-Tweeted by friends and followers.

The goal of so many not-for-profits using the Internet and social networking is the Holy Grail of “viral”: a video, email, image or similar that takes on a life of its own and receives massive circulation.

A service like Twitition could help not-for-profits to make their campaigns go viral.

To experiment, I created a Twitition calling on Rudd and Gillard to abolish the ABCC. We’ll see how well that goes.

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