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Following from my recent criticisms of those who sit on the sidelines and complain, rather than joining in and getting their hands dirty, I’ve tracked down the Maribyrnong Leader article I featured in:

A FOOTSCRAY man is determined to shift people’s perceptions on climate change.

Alex White says his commitment to the issue has been re-affirmed after attending a three-day summit, which featured a presentation by former American Vice President and environmental activist Al Gore.

“He came across as someone very passionate and very knowledgeable … his passion and commitment to this issue was quite clear,” Mr White, a National Tertiary Education Union officer, said.

He plans to teach his colleagues and fellow residents about ways to reduce carbon emissions.

People getting involved with the political process could make the most change.

He would also like to see Maribyrnong Council investigate the banning of water bottles, employ “more efficient business practices” and ensure 100 per cent green energy is used.

“There is evidence water bottles are incredibly wasteful for the environment,” he said.

He also plans to arrange meeting with councillors.

“I think there’s a lot local councils can do to show leadership.”

Quite a short article really, but local councils really can make a difference. A large proportion of possible action on climate change must take place at a local (state or municipal) level.

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