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The online tech-head community can often be its own worst enemy, with underground geek/hacker site 4Chan targeting Youtube with p-rn today:

For mysterious, probably awkward reasons, the Anonymous (as they are dubbed) hordes are protesting the YouTube banishment of a young Lukeywes1234. The video site nixed little Lukey when 4Chan found his channel and started subscribing en masse. The surge of popularity raised red flags and got his account suspended, and, amid Lukey Tribute Videos, the board has decided to extract revenge. The above image is the disseminated directive, and with the site’s past success enacting denial-of-service attacks, we suggest the YouTube-going public be very cautious.

With the debate around internet filtering spluttering on, and anti-filter campaigners having to defend themselves against accusations that they’re a bunch of pervs and p-rno freaks, this action doesn’t help us here in Australia.

I noticed today that a video of John Prescott from Go Fourth had suggestions of p-rnographic videos at the end. My suggestion: avoid YouTube for the next few days.