Some semi-live blogging of SA and Tas elections

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Got some semi-live blogging of the South Australian and Tasmanian elections tonight. (Trying out the Google Wave integration with WordPress. Google Wave didn’t work. Old school now.) Make sure you refresh the page every now and then to get updates.

There is discussion around the influence (or otherwise) of Nick Xenophon, who came out this week to support one of the independent candidates who could be knocked off by the Liberals. (6:50pm)

Discussion around the “fake” Family First how to votes being distributed in one of the seats. I read somewhere that “misleading” how to votes aren’t a breach of the Electoral Act. (7pm)

The ABC is finally streaming the SA election. Here. (7:03)

Kevin Foley says that the ALP has every right to be nervous about election results. (7:04)

0.3% of the vote counted in Tasmania. Shows a large swing against ALP. I expect the gap to narrow significantly. Will probably focus more on South Australia than Tassie, since it’s my old home state. (7:05)

ABC is now looking at the independent seats. All need to be won by Libs (except for the former ALP member who ratted). (7:08)

Red Kerry going through “marginal” seats. How did we get to the stage that a 7% margin is no longer “safe”. Wowsers. (7:11)

Got some early results in SA. 0.8% counted. 16% swing to Libs. I expect this gap to narrow. (7:28pm)

Half an hour later, we’ve got 18.3% – a reasonable sample, with a 6.6% swing away from Labor in SA. (8:05)

Also, a 17% swing against Labor in Tas with 37% of the vote counted. (8:07)

Ok… looks like the swing is bigger to the Libs now that we’ve got 20% of the vote counted. 7.5% to the Libs. (8:12)

Greens on 22% in Tassie. On 8% in SA. What’s the difference? (Seriously.) (8:14)

Front page of ABC News tells the tale: Labor’s hold in Tas and SA looking shaky. (8:19)

Antony Green on Twitter: “Rann government looks like holding on. Big swing but wrong seats” (8:27)

Is Jane Lomax Smith gone in Adelaide? Red Kerry says “yes”. (8:30)

Not commenting too much on Tasmania since the Hare Clark system makes it too complicated to make sense of it. (8:31)

Looks like the swing against Labor in Tas is split evenly between Libs and Greens Party. (8:32)

Iron Chef starting… sparse updates until it finishes. (8:32)

As usual, the media reporting of both campaigns have been breathless about hung parliaments and Labor being booted. Actual result? My tip: Labor will hang on in SA, and govern with the Greens as minority govt in Tassie. (8:38)

Looks like an Italian battle (Octopus!) on Iron Chef. Meanwhile, the swing has narrowed in SA, going from 8.5% to 7.6%.  – 42% counted (8:43)

Looks like it’ll be 10/10/5 Lab/Lib/Gr in Tassie. (9pm)

With over half the votes counted in SA, looks like Labor will hold on with a one seat majority. (9:03)

The Iron Chef wins the Octopus battle. Labor wins the SA election. (9:17)

The result in Tasmania for the Greens Party looks likely to set up Nick McKim to replace Bob Brown in the Senate. (9:56)

The Australian calls South Australia for Rann and Labor. (9:58)

Whoever writes the ABC elections twitter must love McKim. Basically repeating his speech verbatim. (10:05)

Looks like the Nationals member who was in Rann’s cabinet has lost to the Libs. Here. (10:13)

Libs and Isobel Redmond may not concede tonight: Rob Lucas. (10:22)

The Democrats club (no longer a real party) manage only 0.9% of the vote in South Australia. (10:25)

Apparently Will Hodgman (Tas Lib) expects to govern. Fair enough with all the ridiculous statements about most seats/most votes should govern nonsense that was going on during the campaign. (10:32)

ABC predicts 10/10 Labor-Liberal, but Libs have only won 9 seats so far. Labor has won 10. Hodgman may eat his words. (10:35)

Winding up for the night. Congratulations to the comrades in South Australia. Commiserations to the comrades in Tasmania – I hope it all works out. (10:53)