This triathlon is great news for Tony Abbott

With Tony Abbott on the bike part of the triathlon while I write, Insiders has pointed me to an article in The Age about the physical effects of extreme physical exertion.

Tony Abbott's BrainVIS sports scientist Danielle Stefano cites the risk of dehydration, heart strain, cognitive impairment or heat stroke in today’s forecast 28-degree heat in Port Macquarie.

Entrants can lose up to three kilograms in fluids, which could briefly derail their decision-making skills and ability to think clearly, she says.

As I wrote yesterday, Tony Abbott took part in this triathlon without doing the requisite physical training.

However, he does participate in extreme physical activity on a regular basis, and one is left wondering if his inability to focus and develop long-term reformist policy is due to his extreme physical activity – undertaken without adequate preparation.

3 responses to “This triathlon is great news for Tony Abbott”

  1. Bruce Avatar

    Run Forrest..

  2. Iain Hall Avatar

    What a stupid argument you make here the facts of the mater are simply that no opposition releases teh details of particular policies until the real campaign for the election begins. Tony's dedication to exercise has nothing to do with it.

    1. alexjpwhite Avatar

      Except this Opposition was the Government only two years ago. And there's some Libs who've expressed concern over the lack of time Abbott is giving to policy development.

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