“Change”: the most vacuous political slogan of all

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Tony Blair has a new election website for the British general election this year.

Tony Blair has a new election website: http://www.tonyblairoffice.org/

In a 10 minute video, he exposes the vacuous nature of the UK Tories campaign, and how, although they are advocating “change”, they haven’t spelled out what change actually means:

What happens after a long period of one party in Government, is this: the flipside of change being attractive, is that the public put a question mark over the Party seeking to be the change. It is not a cynical question mark. It is not loaded. It’s just a simple inquiry: what is it that I am getting?

Tony argues that it is this lack of depth that has helped the narrowing of the polls between Labour and Tory recently. He also points out that when Labour was first elected, they did so with a clearly defined manifesto on the important positions of the day. Their positions were clear and concrete, so although they were advocating change from the Major Tory government, there was substance to their campaign.

Watch the whole video.

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