Little Britain

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UK Labour has unleashed their latest salvo against the Tories, in the form of a poster criticising David Cameron for wanting to turn Britain into an international minnow.

Little Britain

It’s interesting to see that the UK election is fought out in large part through creative design used to easily explain complicated issues and policy. What is also interesting is the spoofing of election posters, with the Tories endlessly setting themselves up by claiming they’ve made an “unspoofable” poster.

While I imagine that this poster will be spoofed soon (by replacing the heads with Gordon Brown perhaps), I think this is an excellent effort – if a little undergraduate – that precisely explains the risk of the Tories with reference to well-known TV characters.

In a political sense it is also a fair effort as it emasculates and diminishes the two main Tory figureheads, presenting them as comical and ineffectual.

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