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Rebuild the Party

A pro Republican renewable website aimed at rejuvenating their grassroots.

As Republicans, we face a choice.

Either we can spend the next several months — or years — trying to figure out what just happened, excusing our defeat away as a temporary blip or the result of a poor environment, and waiting for Barack Obama to trip up. Or we can refuse to take this defeat lying down, and start building the future of our party now.

The Tea Party is Over

A grassroots reaction to the conservative Tea Party, tracking extremism and threats of violence.

Patriot Majority PAC is working actively in 2010 at the grassroots level to defeat Tea Party candidates across the United States. Patriot Majority is also putting together a tracking program of Tea Party activity nationwide to monitor outbreaks of actual violence, threats of violence or other types of extremism.

Ten Things You Can Do To Win A Political Campaign

An article in The Nation with some tips for progressive campaigners

The 2010 midterm election cycle is in full swing, with right-wing pundits predicting a Congressional turnover just as sweeping as the Gingrich revolution of 1994, while the left is mostly hoping a loss of seats won’t damage Obama’s presidency as badly as the GOP’s triumph did Bill Clinton’s. So what should grassroots activists and candidates do? Consultants have made campaigns seem like rocket science, but they aren’t. The basic formula is “50 percent + 1 = power,” but there are a lot of ways to reach that goal. Malia Lazu, Mel King Community Fellow at MIT, has come up with ten things progressives can do to build a campaign for candidates who deserve to win.

Next Labour: Winning the battle of ideas

David Milliband’s nomination speech for the British Labour Party’s leadership.

We need to begin with why we lost. The essential problem was simple. In a change election we were perceived to be defending the old order. Future is the most important word in politics; but we looked out of time.

Understand this, and we can rebuild. Be brutally honest about it: for too many people, we were not the people’s party that was created 100 years ago, but the politicians’ party. We were perceived by too many voters, our people, as out of touch.

Canadian Liberal Party: Victory Fund

The Canadian Liberal Party is one of two progressive parties in Canada.

Engagement starts here

Building trust and policy that Canadians care about takes time and money. The Victory Fund is the simplest and most affordable way to support the Liberal Party and helps us pursue our ambitious goals both nationally and locally.