Great News for Tony Abbott: Tony Abbott is not a tech head, doesn’t understand economics either

There was a lot of reporting about Tony Abbott’s interview on 7:30 Report last night about the Liberal’s risible broadband policy.

Tony Abbott repeatedly said “I don’t claim to be any kind of tech head in all of this”, basically admitting he didn’t have the faintest clue about his own policy. After all, no one expects him to have a technical knowledge of broad band policy, but he should be able to speak knowledgeably about it when interviewed on the teevee.

However, the problem with Tony Abbott is not that he “doesn’t claim to be any kind of tech head”. The problem is that he doesn’t have a basic understanding of economics.

There’s been a lot written about his lack of interest on economics – both John Hewson and Peter Costello have spoken about it – and all of his public statements (such as his budget reply calling on Australia to follow New Zealand’s lead – into recession) underscore that this is a man who would be a danger to Australia’s economy.

Tony isn’t helped by the fact that neither Joe Hockey or Andrew Robb are credible on the economy either.

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