This election, $9 billion in renewable energy is at stake

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The Clean Energy Council has revealed that up to $9 billion in renewable energy investment could be put at risk by the election of the Baillieu Government.

This equates to 650 new jobs each year by 2016, and a massive 3000 megawatts of renewable energy capacity.

Windfarms like this one in Codrington, Victoria, would be under threat.

The risk comes from the Liberal Party’s opposition to investment in wind farms – which will drive Victoria’s renewable energy sector, as well as contribute in large part to Victoria’s 20% carbon reduction by 2020.

Under Bailleiu’s “2km setback” policy, it would be more difficult to build a windfarm in Victoria than a new coal mine.

The Brumby Labor Government is leading Australia in investment in renewables and carbon pollution reduction targets.

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