July 18, 2013

NZ Presentation: Engaging young workers

On 10 July, I was honoured to speak at the Stand Up conference for the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions, in Wellington. The topic of my talk was how unions can engage young workers.

Unions in New Zealand are facing some very substantial challenges but are also running some great campaigns. Not only is the NZ economy in dire straights under the mismanagement of the conservative National party prime minister John Key, but the Nationals are also attacking unions and workers. Soon, laws will be introduced to the NZ parliament that would attack the wages and conditions of working people who have collectively bargained with their employer.

My presentation was on how unions can communicate with and engage young workers. My goal was to provide a framework for union organisers and delegates to focus on relevance when developing their campaigns.

New Zealand Council of Trade Unions Presentation

Influences on choice - NZ Council of Trade Unions Communicating with young workers - New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

Download the entire 26 page presentation

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Thanks to James Sleep for inviting me over, and also thanks to Helen Kelly, Georgie  McLeod and Ross Teppet.


  1. Kim - July 23, 2013 at 7:40 pm -

    Thanks for coming to speak at the Stand Up Conference. You are a great inspiration :)

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