We sent 10 million emails. Here’s what we learned

During the Federal Election, the ACTU sent more than 10 million emails. Over a month, we analysed those emails to try to learn what was effective and not effective.

'The Impact of Email' book cover'The Impact of Email' book cover

This week I released the case study of what we learned, at PowerUp, the final ATUI event of the year.

You can email the ATUI (atui@actu.org.au) for a copy of the case study, and there are limited hard copies that will also be available.

What’s in the case study?

Best time to send emails

Analysis of 10 million emails showed the optimal times for sending emails in order to get click-throughs (i.e. online action).

We found that the best times for sending emails were Fridays and Thursdays, and midday, 4pm and 6pm.

best time to send an email based on ACTU data from 2022
There is a linear relationship between sending emails and people joining online according to ACTU analysis in 2022

Will people join their union during an election campaign?

Our analysis shows that workers will join their union because of electoral campaigning, but you need to ask them.

And email is a perfect way to do it — in fact, there is a “linear relationship” between sending recruitment emails and new membership applications.