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I am a regular speaker and presenter at union and non-profit conferences. I have delivered speeches on social marketing, digital campaigning and climate change policy action for progressive causes, environmental campaigns and the union movement. To enquire about booking me as a speaker, contact me.
Campaign & Digital Strategy

Campaign & Digital Strategy

I have led and consulted on major campaigns for unions, non-profits and environmental groups in Australian and the USA, and have developed strategies that win. Read my complete Guide to Online Campaigning for Unions.
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Policy Action

With a Master in Public Policy focusing on climate change, I have experience developing and negotiating policy at a national level, and engaging the community to take action. I have been at the front line of world-class campaigns and have worked on highly successful policy, political, and industrial campaigns.

About me

I am deeply committed to climate change action, and am Campaigns Director for Environment Victoria, a leading environmental charity. I am also a board member of The Wilderness Society (Victoria) and Greenpeace Australia Pacific. My focus is principally on empowering everyday people to take action to address the urgent dangers posed by global warming.

Complimenting my climate work is my Masters in Public Policy and Management from the University of Melbourne, which focused on climate change policy and economics.

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Social justice and workers’ rights are enormously important to me, and my professional life is spent working with the trade union movement to support working people and their unions. I believe that unions are one of the most powerful forces for good in our society and globally.

Earlier in my career I spent six years working for various trade unions in Australia, and I have provided campaign and communication consulting services to several of Australia’s largest unions, as well as unions in the USA, Canada and New Zealand.

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In addition to being a published author, I also write a regular column for The Guardian UK’s environment pages, called Southern Crossroads, focusing on climate change politics, campaigns and policy. I have written for the ABC’s The Drum, the Centre for Policy Development, New Matilda and Media 140 amongst other publications.


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I am a campaigns, marketing and policy professional with strong experience across the union and non-profit sectors. For over a decade, I have used innovative marketing communications techniques in the union and non-profit sector, effectively melding online campaign techniques with traditional grassroots approaches. I have delivered successful marketing and fundraising campaigns and in 2012 worked with the Obama for America campaign in Massachusetts. My experience is complemented by leadership roles in community and political organisations (with a focus on climate change policy action).

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