QLD Liberal National Party plagiarise

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Unfortunately, the main stream media, and even large blogs following the Queensland Election have not covered this scandal.

The LNP – the merged Liberal and National Parties in Queensland – have been caught out in a revolting deception and plagiarism case.

As you can see, the LNP has copied wholesale the ACTU’s Your Rights At Work – Worth Fighting For campaign logo, colours and slogan.

What is worse, they are using this well-trusted logo to perpetrate an outright lie about their plan to cut thousands of public service jobs.

Yesterday, ACTU Secretary Jeff Lawrence announced that the ACTU would be taking legal action over the ad.


The ACTU has launched a campaign against this deception, with a mass email to YRAW supporters, and a linke to the QCU anti-Borg website.


The ABC reports on the story.

4 responses to “QLD Liberal National Party plagiarise”

  1. lol Avatar

    Obviously hitting the intended nerve.

    1. Alex White Avatar
      Alex White

      I doubt the intent was to annoy me.

      Rather, I think it will backfire and workers who were considering voting for Springborg will feel lied-to and betrayed.

  2. Joe Avatar

    LOL. That advert is classic. Good on you Springborg!

  3. Joe Avatar

    LOL. That advert is classic. Good on you Springborg!

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