Letters in The Age

I’m always pleasantly surprised when one of my letters gets in The Age, as it did the other day without me knowing. Clearly I don’t support league tables for schools.

Score our MPs

EDUCATION Minister Bronwyn Pike and Premier John Brumby should subject themselves and other MPs to parliamentary league tables. The conduct and performance of our politicians need to be made accountable to voters.

There should be a website that accounts for everything MPs do, what they (and their office) spend, when they get into work, how much legislation they get through, and how successful they are. We should be able to compare Victoria with other states. Ministers should be held more accountable for public policy shortfalls and failures.

Poorly performing ministers and MPs should be dumped. Brumby and Pike have a “moral obligation” to give us this information, and those who oppose it are “naive at best and paternalistic at worst”.

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