Thoughts from day 2 of FROCOMM New Media Summit

I’m just heading into the second day of the New Media Summit. Today I’ll just be updating with occasional thoughts rather than trying to live blog.

After the basics were covered yesterday, today looks at video, viral and otherwise.

I’ll update with any insights that come my way.

Dan Ilic from Hungry Beast. Very entertaining slide show about viral videos and creating content for Youtube. Good stuff about cross promotion.

Unfortunately it’s expensive for most organisations ($8000 for example). For traditional media, it is clearly cheaper compared to contwnt for TV.

UPDATE 10:15
Jarod Green from Radical Love (Beached Az creator). Main take away points: know your audience and make your content for them, amd integrate social into the start of your marketing strategy.

Also talking about Iphone apps. After yesterday’s discussion about ubiquity of smart phones, the mobile web is definitely more important.

The afternoon sessions less interesting. Wikileaks, and an Aussie version of CarrotMob from Sydney focusing on garrage sales. Interesting example of how modern “campaign” sites can be made up predominantly of social media, e.g. Youtube, Facebook and Google Maps.

The “genius session” about men’s cancer focusing on raising awareness. Misses the point since the speaker talked about how most men ignore information campaigns. Should focus on behaviour change.

Ken Hudson, “speed thinking” inventor, is leading the session. Oi.