New e-book: Mastering the Basics of Social Campaigning

Later this year, I will be releasing a new guide to social and digital campaigning for unions, titled Unionify: Social Campaigning for Unions. I’m releasing a few chapters as previews, and today I’m happy to announce that two chapters, “Mastering the Basics” and “Peer-to-Peer Social Sharing” are available as an e-book download.

Update: Introduction to Digital Campaigning for Unions

This e-book Unionify: Social Campaigning for Unions, has been completely updated and rewritten, and is now incorporated into the free Introduction to Digital Campaigning for Unions.

Mastering the Basics

This chapter is for communicators and campaigners in unions who are taking the first steps to using social media and digital campaigning. It covers how to set up for social campaigning, how to plan your social content, determining your audience, and some potential pit-falls.

Peer-to-Peer Social Sharing

Why do people share? This chapter looks at how you can encourage your members and supporters to share your messages, updates and photos, and what makes something go “viral”. It also discusses some the role of basic social-media psychology such as social validation in sharing and how to prompt people to take action online.

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