July 24, 2012

Motivating your activists online

Australia is experiencing record low levels of traditional political engagement, as evidenced by continuing low turn out at polling booths. Membership organisations have crashing levels of members, and even large activist organisations like Amnesty, Greenpeace and Get Up would be happy to have “click through” rates in the high teens. With clicktivism and apathy on the rise, and cynicism that activism can change anything, many organisations may feel that it is next to impossible to motivate supporters to do anything at all.

For unions, this has been a perennial problem. Our unions delegates are increasingly skeptical, savvy, busy and distracted, with less and less time to devote to union work. Even supporters of progressive causes, like the environment, human rights or poverty alleviation struggle to find time in their lives to be active.

For online campaigners, motivating activists is essential. Clear messages, consistent organising and engaging causes are necessary to motivate people. Engagement is essential for activist success — especially for union campaigns. We know that the more people who are actively involved with and supporting our collective efforts, the stronger unions are. Engagement — active members — is at the core of unionism.

How do we get our union members’ attention and motivate them to actively do something to participate in our great campaign?

Digital strategy is based on engagement. Quite simply, the way to have real impact in digital campaigning is to motivate those committed supporters to take action — in the real world. Engagement is the first step to winning campaigns. Having a strong strategy and knowing your message will ensure you can formulate effect ways to engage your supporters.



  1. zahir watt - July 26, 2012 at 10:43 PM -

    Motivating your activists online http://t.co/5AuJPksf via @sharethis

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    Advice on motivating activists online http://t.co/Gr0qEQts

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