How to make your message stick [infographic]

Back in March 2011, I wrote a short book review for Made to Stick, by Dan and Chip Heath. The book was about effective communication — how to get your ideas to break through the white-noise that surrounds most us through over-saturation of advertising messages.

The book included a lot of stories (case studies) of effective communication and key messaging. The authors argued that coming up with an effective message is relatively simple, if you adhere to certain principles.

Over at the One Leap blog, the Made to Stick principles have been condensed into an infographic.

Make Your Message Stick

I definitely recommend anyone working in communications go and read a copy of Made to Stick. It’s an entertaining, easy read and has a lot of useful tips that will, if not solve your communication challenges, at least give you a whole bunch of useful ideas.

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  1. Roger Avatar

    These OneLeap guys know how to make an infographic! Thanks for sharing, Alex!