Union websites to look at for inspiration in 2023

This list for 2023 updates my 2020 list of effective, engaging and inspiring union websites.

All effective union websites have several common elements. They are engaging, professionally designed, optimised for mobile devices, load very quickly, and have clear calls-to-action that invite workers to join, get active or find out more about the union’s campaigns or other activities.

As in 2020, the most important feature for any union website is speed and mobile accessibility. Speed and mobile optimisation must be a core part of any professional web design in 2023.

Your union’s website must load within just a few seconds, and be “responsive” (that is, automatically re-size based on the size of the screen/device viewing the site).

Union websites that are slow, or are not responsive, are not only being penalised in Google search results, but increasingly will see visitors to the site leave before the site is finished loading.

A fast-loading, responsive websites is a must-have for all unions — and this is so important that it should be a core digital asset. Your union’s leadership should take an interest in your website’s performance, in the same way they would about the performance of other crucial assets.

That’s why, as with my 2020 list, this list for 2023 will only include mobile sites. This list is in no particular order. If you’d like your union’s website featured in future, shoot me an email.

United Workers Union

The UWU website remains one of the standout Australian union websites. It has clear calls-to-action for joining, for getting involved in campaigns, and become and activist.

It loads reasonably quickly, but page speed is an area that could be improved.


Game Workers Australia (Professionals Australia)

Modern and colourful, the Game Workers Australia website is very mobile optimised, with a clear hierarchy of action (join, learn more) and then going to online lead generation tools (income survey) to engage with non-members.

The site also loads very quickly, in under 2 seconds.



UniGlobal is the global union federation for services workers.

As a global peak website, it has a slightly different purpose to union websites (i.e. workers can’t join a directly through UniGlobal), but the site’s design, structure and mobile optimisation are top-notch. It also has different language options for greater accessibility.

The UniGlobal website is mostly well optimised, but page speed is an area that could be improved.



FIFPro is the global union federation for professional football (soccer) players. It puts members and union victories front-and-centre, with a modern, clean design. As with other global union federations, workers can’t join their national players union directly through this site. As a global website, it also has other language versions.

Page loading speed is one area for improvement for the site however.



The SDA represents retail, fast-food and warehouse workers in Australia, and is the second largest union in Australia. It has a highly optimised, fast loading website, that prioitises joining and providing workplace information.

An area for improvement for the SDA’s national website is to review its HTTPS encryption.



The QNMU is the Queensland nurses and midwifery union. Their website has a major focus for online recruitment, with multiple calls-to-action pointing to their membership form, and more information about why nurses should join.

The site also loads quickly, in about 3 seconds, but could be further optimised by reducing some image sizes.


Australian Education Union (VIC)

Representing public school teachers in Victoria, the AEU is one of state’s largest unions. Their website has two clear design priorities: engaging existing members with rights at work assistance, and signing up new members.

The AEU’s website loads very quickly, in under 2 seconds.



The National Education Association is one of two major teachers unions in the USA. Their website design is fairly unique (especially their desktop web design), and it is very responsive to different screen sizes, which is good. The calls-to-action (join) are also prominent and there is a strong and consistent design/theme.

As with many of the other union sites, the NEA site loads reasonably quickly, but could be further optimised by reducing some image sizes.


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