Amazing Occupy Wall Street Infographic

Infographics are fast becoming an important mechanism for sharing and making sense of complex information.

A good example is this infographic explaining the Occupy Wall Street movement — “Everything You Wanted to Know About Occupy Wall Street” — which brings together a wide variety of information and data into a single image, from wealth inequality, Twitter trends and world-wide arrests.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Occupy Wall Street Infographic

Infographics are a growing phenomenon in the USA, but aren’t widely used in Australia yet. I’m aware of only a few news outlets that regularly use infographics — one of the main TV shows that used them frequently was ABC show Angry Beast.

Head over to where there is not only a huge gallery of excellent, highly quality, well designed infographics, but also a new feature that allows you to create your own. For unions, progressive organisations and political causes, infographics can really help you boost your campaigns, explain complex issues and get people to socially share.

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